Sumimet® L

SUMIMET is a synthetic methionine source manufactured by Sumitomo.

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SUMIMET™ is a synthetic methionine source manufactured by Sumitomo. SUMIMET-P™ is DL-Methionine (powder form); SUMIMET-L™ is Methionine Hydroxy Analog (liquid form), which is a precursor of methionine providing the same benefits as a methionine source.

Methionine is one of the essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized in the animal body. It has significant roles not only as a building block of proteins shaping animal products such as meat, egg and milk but also as an important intermediate in the metabolic pathway such as methylation reactions and antioxidants synthesis like glutathione and taurine. Deficiency in methionine consumption results in growth inhibition as well as impaired metabolism and disease shielding potential. Therefore, livestock feeds have to always satisfy the nutrient requirement for appropriate growth and health. On the other hand, methionine often tends to remain at an insufficient level in livestock feeds mainly consisting of plant materials. Especially commercial corn/wheat soybean meal-based poultry diets, it is the first limiting amino acid (most important of all the amino acids). Therefore, synthetic methionine sources have been utilized to satisfy the nutrient requirement and enhance the growth and production performance of animals.

In addition, synthetic methionine sources can serve not only to improve farm profitability but also to reduce environmental loads originated from livestock excreta. Nitrogen constituents in livestock excreta cause various environmental issues such as odour, eutrophication, acid precipitation and global warming by nitrous oxide, which has a greenhouse effect about 300 times greater than carbon dioxide. Recently, these environmental issues are attracting attention with the growing livestock production and worldwide interests in global warming. Synthetic methionine sources can assist in solving these issues by balancing the nutrients in feed and reducing extra nitrogen excretion that is the source of various environmental loads.

Thus, SUMIMET™ contributes to effective and environmentally friendly livestock production.

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Divan Swart
Product Manager: Animal Nutrition and Special Projects